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5 tips how to save chips in myVegas slots [5 TIPS – HOT]



  1. Always remember to keep your chips in your pocket. There are many thiefts who would love to steal your chips from you. You can use a chips holder from ebay: . It is always easier to carry chips in holder like this – than in hand or in pocket,
  2. Spend the chips wisely. Do not play always on a maximum stake. You can use a Lilian Maywather method: Always rise the stake : 10 chips -> 20 chips -> 50 chips ->100 chips and so on. Eventually you will win because myvegas slots have to give you a shoot! Keep rising until you will win,
  3. Generate free chips online. There are plenty of website which offer easy, safe and secure online generators. You can get myvegas free chips mobile or laptop version easy online. Remember to generate not more than 1000 chips per day. You want to stay under radar and you do not want to get busted by myvegas services
  4. Share the all chips amount into 2-3 days. When you start playing myvegas you do not want to loose all chips in the first day. Count your chips and divide them into 2 or 3 parts. Spend each part in one day only. It may be addictive but please stay adamant and obey the rules by all chance! At the day 2 or 3 you might be surprised that you have still chips on your account. Hurray!
  5. If you are loosing – stop playing. According to com it was the biggest mistake of all people playing myvegas. People do not know when to stop. IF you are winning – you think that you can get more and more and even more chips that night. And there is this 1 shot and BANG! You lost everything. I always have the rule : If you won 200% of your chips – quite it. Stop playing and go to the bar or go to the hotel room. It is ever to you. IF you will stay with that rule – you might be sure that you will leave myVegas with the prize.

This is just a bunch of rules but if you will keep then and obey them then you have bigger chance to win the chips tonight. It is hard to play with rules but I can guarantee – it is worth it. Good luck to all of players and remember: CASINO ALWAYS WINS!